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During our business hours, call (305) 431-4295
Send items to:
Mt. Sinai Medical Center
4300 Alton Rd.
Warner Building, Ste. 360
Miami Beach, FL 33140
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Sunshine Psychology: Providing psychological and educational testing, neuropsychological assessment, and surgery evaluation services
along with individual, couples, family, and career counseling and therapy in Miami Beach and Coral Gables.

Psychoeducational Testing   ADD / ADHD - Learning Disability - Academic Problems - Gifted Placement / IQ - Behavioral Problems
Comprehensive Evaluations   Neuropsychological Assessment   Dementia - Alzheimer's - Memory Problems   Surgery Evaluation
Individual Counseling   Depression - Anxiety - Relationships - Hypnosis/Meditation - Addictions - Phobias - Stress - Grief and Loss
Gay/Lesbian Concerns - Trichotillomania   Couples Counseling   Marriage - Divorce - Infidelity - Sex - Communication   Family Counseling
Career Counseling

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