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Unfortunately, many marriages, despite concerted efforts and compromises, end in divorce. In fact, over 50% of marriages fail and many more live on unhappily. Making the decision to proceed into this process is complex and emotional.
  • 2.5 million people are divorced each year
  • ½ of all marriages end in divorce
  • 20 million people are divorced as of 2000
  • 1st divorce occurs about age 30
  • 60% of all marriages involve children
  • ¾ of divorced men remarry
  • 2/3 of divorced women remarry
Divorce, next to the death of a spouse or child, can be one of the most stressful life events to encounter. It can be extremely distressing and lonely. There are several services we can provide to help you and your family through this process:


Separation and divorce counseling can help with the many decisions that will be needed to be made and help you cope with the excessive emotional toll it can exert. Learning how to maintain a level and steady approach to the divorce process will help you reach the best decisions for the long term success and stability of yourself and your children. The emotional distress that this parental conflict can also create for the children is an extremely important component of counseling which must be attended to. It is possible to work together or individually towards these goals, in conjoint or individual therapy; family therapy which includes the children is also frequently of significant assistance to both the adults and the children.

Therapists who are very experienced in helping with these problems are available to work with the partners separately or together and to include the children where necessary; when children need individual therapy as well, child specialists are also available to work together with the adults' counselors as a team to ensure that all of the family members' needs are addressed in a coordinated manner.


Mediation is often a very effective way for the divorcing parents to settle and make decisions in an amicable and objective manner. Mediation, in short, is a voluntary, non-adversarial settlement process in which the legal issues of separation or divorce such as custody, child support, and property division are addressed directly and privately by the spouses with the help of a neutral professional who helps them to make practical, informed decisions together. Parents, trying to keep their lives under control during the turmoil of separation or divorce, can benefit from working together to coordinate important decisions for all family members, learning how to separate their spousal role from their parental role, and evaluating their present financial conditions in order to provide for the family's future financial needs.

With the mediator's help, temporary agreements can be reached to handle immediate concerns. Couples may then negotiate long-term agreements which, after review by attorneys, can be signed and become enforceable.


Both during the separation and divorce process as well as after divorce, circumstances and parenting decisions can arise which are difficult to resolve for former partners in marriage who are still partners in parenting. When post-divorce changes in parenting arrangements or support are needed, parents welcome having a safe, impartial environment to discuss these types of issues. Co-parenting coordinators can be appointed by the court or agreed to separately. A co-parenting coordinator will help you to resolve new problems and changes that may have not been accounted for in the divorce arrangement or developed thereafter. Having a co-parenting coordinator who is objective and has the children’s interests at heart can be facilitative in rearranging your agreement and helping you contend with the confusing and emotional components that may be triggered.

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