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On a continuum of strategies for relaxation and mind control, the following are a list of such techniques:
  • deep breathing
  • Jacobson muscle relaxation
  • guided imagery
  • meditation
  • hypnosis
Deep breathing is a simple but effective tool for providing an instant feeling of relaxation. Learning how to breathe diaphragmatically and more slowly can help in moments mildly heightened anxiety, stress or agitation.

Jacobson’s muscle relaxation technique is similar in what it provides for relaxation but attains it through muscle contraction as opposed to breathing. A regimen of muscle tightening and relaxation can be accomplished in 5-10 minutes and offers relaxation and takes the edge off.

Guided imagery is slightly more complex and involved. It necessitates an active inner mind and imagination. The creation of visual imagery is used to induce a deeper mindset for relaxation. Using a process that involves all 5 senses enhances this experience and can create a longer lasting feeling of relaxation. The imagery can involve settings at the ocean, mountains, lakes, or other relaxing environments. They can also be at home, in the backyard, at a ball game, or wherever you feel most at ease. This technique can be accompanied with music or incense to enhance the imagery.

Meditation is a highly evolved skill that derives its roots from Eastern religions and philosophies. Borrowing this powerful technique for our Westernized purposes can provide not only helpful doses of relaxation but also the coveted art of “mind control.” If you suffer from intrusive or obsessive thoughts that keep you from living “in the moment”, the practice of meditation can provide you with a powerful means to control and alter your pattern of thoughts. By exercising your mind in this fashion, you can create a more resilient mind that can repel and keep at bay your negative and energy-depleting thoughts and let you enjoy the moment.

Hypnosis is a therapeutic tool that can be used for purposes of deep-relaxation and for altered states of consciousness. Learning self-hypnosis can be deeply relaxing and involves a more intense approach of relaxation to reach this satisfying state. Hypnosis is also used in therapy to help uncover buried memories or to get in touch with deeper emotional experiences. It provides a means to attend to your subconscious thoughts and beliefs that may be driving your overt behavior without complete awareness. By creating a hypnotic trance, it is possible to by-pass the typical ego defenses and help heal deeper emotional wounds.

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