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Stress is what we all experience as we navigate our way through life. We must continuously adjust to both positive and negative life events and changes. While “positive” stress can provide us with healthy anticipation and excitement, “negative” stress can adversely affect us both emotionally and physically. Many studies have shown that those with high levels of “negative”, unrelieved stress have a higher incidence of heart disease and other medical problems including ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, insomnia, and fatigue. Additionally, stress can lead to feeling depressed, anxious and can lead to problems at work and in your family. Stress includes both “good” stress and “bad” stress. The key to handling stress is to learn to set limits when possible and set aside time to care for yourself. It is not enough to simply be aware of the negative effects stress has on our lives. There are many possibilities for the management of stress and all require work toward change. In therapy we help you learn stress management techniques to minimize the impact your stress may have on you. It is unrealistic to believe that we can have a stress-free life; however, we provide techniques to manage your stress so that you can avoid many of the negative consequences that result from being over-stressed. These include:
  • relaxation training
  • guided imagery
  • stress management
  • exercise
  • taking an inventory of your stress
  • deciding if you need to make changes in your lifestyle

Sunshine Psychology: Providing psychological and educational testing, neuropsychological assessment, and surgery evaluation services
along with individual, couples, family, and career counseling and therapy in Miami Beach and Coral Gables.

Psychoeducational Testing   ADD / ADHD - Learning Disability - Academic Problems - Gifted Placement / IQ - Behavioral Problems
Comprehensive Evaluations   Neuropsychological Assessment   Dementia - Alzheimer's - Memory Problems   Surgery Evaluation
Individual Counseling   Depression - Anxiety - Relationships - Hypnosis/Meditation - Addictions - Phobias - Stress - Grief and Loss
Gay/Lesbian Concerns - Trichotillomania   Couples Counseling   Marriage - Divorce - Infidelity - Sex - Communication   Family Counseling
Career Counseling

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