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Surgery Evaluation

We offer a comprehensive pre-surgical psychological evaluation for individuals contemplating or awaiting clearance for many elective surgeries. This includes a comprehensive psychological interview and administration of two widely used tests of personality functioning, tailored to the medical patient. The purpose of such an evaluation is to aid the medical doctor’s and the patient. Invasive procedures always have a certain amount of risk involved with them. Therefore, it is important for the patient to be free of significant psychological problems in order to handle the possibility of complications. Additionally, many elective surgeries, such as Bariatric surgeries, require the patient to follow a strict self-care regimen post surgery and to make significant lifestyle changes. These changes often can be assisted with counseling and include:
  • nutritional monitoring
  • exercise programs
  • social patterns
  • self-evaluation
  • emotional coping
This evaluation aids both the patient and the doctor in determining the level of commitment and the likelihood of the patient to follow-up with prescribed changes in lifestyle.

Sunshine Psychology: Providing psychological and educational testing, neuropsychological assessment, and surgery evaluation services
along with individual, couples, family, and career counseling and therapy in Miami Beach and Coral Gables.

Psychoeducational Testing   ADD / ADHD - Learning Disability - Academic Problems - Gifted Placement / IQ - Behavioral Problems
Comprehensive Evaluations   Neuropsychological Assessment   Dementia - Alzheimer's - Memory Problems   Surgery Evaluation
Individual Counseling   Depression - Anxiety - Relationships - Hypnosis/Meditation - Addictions - Phobias - Stress - Grief and Loss
Gay/Lesbian Concerns - Trichotillomania   Couples Counseling   Marriage - Divorce - Infidelity - Sex - Communication   Family Counseling
Career Counseling

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